John Ware & The Kuzens

John Ware & The Kuzens

The Kuzens came about when BT and John, after knowing each other for years and not playing together enough, bumped into each other and realized that they lived only a couple of miles away from each other. They decided it was a sign that now was the time to make something happen, after years of not quite being satisfied with their respective musical projects. Here was an opportunity to do something with no musical compromises, sounded good, and was 100% FUN.

The funky grooves, high level of musicality, and great time had onstage by the band is infectious, with everything from classic rock, funk to contemporary jazz artists, everything is guaranteed to get you out of your seat if you’re a dancer, and to hold your interest if you are an active listener.

The Kuzens are the core trio, and can add keyboards, sax, female vocals, or any combination of these to make your night an event, not just a good time. They’ll take you from the Caribbean to the Delta with stops in Motown, Nashville, and a smoky jazz club downtown, smiling, dancing, and toe-tappin’ all the way. Come on out and check out what the buzz is about! Rock, Funk, Reggae, Jazz…

Just Listen!

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