Hire Motown Cover Band

Hire Motown Cover Band

Long for that distinct Motown sound? Consider a Motown cover band for your next event. Whether you want a solo singer that covers popular hits by legends like Notman Whitfield or Stevie Wonder, or want a group performance of commercial hits, we can provide you with the perfect Motown cover band to add spark to your event.

Our artists perform covers influenced by soul, blues, jazz, pop, rock and more, with tremendous depth and energy. If you’re looking to revive the Motown era, our Motown cover band will make your event special and make the guests groove to the music.

Motown Tribute Band

Whether you want to pay tribute to the Godfathers of Motown or want to instill a Motown vibe to your party, Entertainment Exchange has got just the right Motown tribute band for you. With a perfect blend of fast-paced rhythms, funky sounds, and strong bass-driven beats, our singers pay a heartfelt tribute to legends from the Motown era.

Motown is perfect for all types of parties, be it a corporate event, wedding, success party, or a private party. People of all ages enjoy our Motown tribute bands. Hire the perfect Motown tribute band with Entertainment Exchange for your special occasion.

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