PRP – Pat Richitt Project
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PRP – Pat Richitt Project

Pat Richitt Project (PRP) is the first all digital band that features a full live sounding band, yet performs in formats of one to five pieces. As a 20+ year professional in performance entertainment, Pat Richitt has perfected the art of live performance by using the right elements of live and pre-recorded tracks to accomplish the sound, spirit and energy of an all live band. Considered the next evolution beyond a DJ, PRP weaves DJ tracks into its live music to create a seamless and continuous music event for clients who want the elegance of live performers and singers in a small band format.

Band leader Pat Richitt was a founding member of the band Free Spirit and has performed at thousands of events in his career. Through the use of expertly developed live-recorded backing tracks, the band is able to perform in formats of one piece to five pieces. This allows the band to comfortably fit in smaller venues, where the size of the band is concern.

As guitarist, lead singer and band leader, he sings selections from Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, James Taylor and Michael Buble to dance selections through the ages. When a female singer is added, PRP can perform selections from Etta James, Norah Jones and other top female recording artists. PRP performs all styles from elegant Jazz selections to popular dance selections from the 50s through the 90s. They perform classic hits from the 80s, R & B, Motown, Soul and Disco and much more.

PRP is often referred by event planners who seek the newest and most innovative entertainment for their client’s parties, and their list of references is considerable. Considered the next evolution beyond a DJ, PRP blends the best of both worlds, live and tracks, into an energetic and full sounding live band for a small band price.
  1. Thanks again for a wonderful evening – I can’t imagine how anything could’ve gone better. The sound system was amazing, the vocals were spectacular, the song selection rocked – literally – and you were a pleasure to work with. I appreciate your willingness to stay a little longer and keep the party going, too.

  2. C.S. Wedding

    You were awesome !!! Everyone had so much fun dancing — your music was perfect !! And thank you for being spontaneous to guest singers. We received lots of compliments on the band. I can’t thank you enough for creating the atmosphere for a wonderful wedding reception. And I really like — and actually was glad I didn’t know you planned to do this — that you came back at the end to our first song ! Not only was the performance great, it was fabulous working with you, too!

  3. M.B. Wedding

    You and your group were TERRIFIC! I have never seen so many guests dancing so continuously at Meridian! Again, my thanks and appreciation for your talents, your professionalism and all the just plain FUN you created at this party.

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