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Offering ensembles of varying sizes and sounds, Bel Canto Strings combines exquisite musicianship with expertise in planning the musical elements of any event. Ensembles include the Bel Canto String Quartet, the Bel Canto String Trio, as well as the Bel Canto Piano and Strings Ensemble. Please listen to the audio demos to hear our Ensembles in action along with a comprehensive narration detailing the Bel Canto Strings options and services.

The Bel Canto Strings features some of the finest musicians in the Washington and Baltimore area including musicians from The Baltimore Symphony, The Baltimore Opera, The United States Marine String Orchestra, The Kennedy Center Orchestra, The Washington Concert Opera, Concert Artists of Baltimore, The Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, The National Gallery Orchestra, and Pro Music Rara and many other notable ensembles.

The Bel Canto String Quartet

The Bel Canto String Quartet is composed of two violins, viola and cello and provides a rich string sound ideal for a wedding in a large venue, cathedral, synagogue, or ballroom. The repertoire of the Quartet is from the Baroque era, with selections from composers such as Vivaldi, Handel and Corelli, through Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and into the Romantic era, with Strauss waltzes and other lighter works.
Although the ensemble also performs selections from Broadway shows of the 1950s and 1960s, their music is best suited for easy listening and background at a reception as opposed to dancing. Solo trumpet can be added to the ensemble for brilliance during the processional and recessional of a wedding ceremony.

The Bel Canto Flute and Strings Trio

This stationary ensemble is compised of flute, violin and cello or two violins and cello. The flute sound adds lightness to the richness of the strings, making it perfect for a garden wedding or reception, or for Baroque and Classical repertoire. By contrast, the all-string ensemble has a warmer sound. Many of the Classical wedding selections the Quartet can play are also performed by the Trio.

The Bel Canto Piano and Strings Ensemble

This stationary ensemble is our most versatile group. The instrumentation consists of piano, two violins and bass. The repertoire ranges from the Classical – Handel, Mozart, Pachelbel and Vivaldi – through the Romantic – Viennese Waltz and Salon music. It also includes timeless songs by Cole Porter, Gershwin, Rodgers and Hammerstein, as well as the Broadway tunes of today. This ensemble can expand it’s numbers to match a larger venue and provides an even more luxurious sound. With its contemporary repertoire, the piano and strings ensemble can also provide dance selections – perfect for your Wedding Reception!
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“We were so very happy with the string trio (with pianist) at our wedding ceremony and reception! They were very talented and did a superb, beautiful job and it was one of our very favorite parts of the wedding. We will always treasure the memory of it! We especially loved the music during the ceremony. Radhi worked with us to play exactly what we wanted. He was delightful to work with.” – A. Hughes, Wedding

“We are so grateful to have had Bel Canto do our ceremony music. I played violin as a young girl and had always wanted strings at my wedding.  I chose songs which reminded me of my late mom. I loved how versatile Bel Canto was to the point of having my favorite song played as I walked down the aisle!!! They are amazing! We couldn’t have had a better trio. Thank you soo much for everything!” – E. Meekins, Wedding