Live music is everyone’s top choice at a party. And, cover bands are a great way of keeping your guests entertained by making them groove on popular hits. Our cover bands play a diverse range of music, from the 1920s to contemporary chart-toppers. They offer a huge array of genres, instruments, and lineups, and give their own unique touch to the songs to suit the occasion and mood of the evening.

We have some of the best cover bands with us that are perfect for live music at corporate events, weddings, and parties. We have a wide selection of cover bands that you can choose. Let us help you! We help you choose the cover band based on the type of party, music tastes, and your budget.

70s Cover Bands

We have some of the best cover bands that perform classic songs from the 1970s. They bring back life to hits from the 70s and earn them the respect they deserve. Our 70s cover bands will make you groove and sing along with their infectious energy on stage. Perfect for retro parties and events where old music is appreciated. They provide for an evening full of fun and entertainment. Such a show is bound to leave a memorable impression on your guests.

80s Cover Bands

Are you hosting an 80s- themed party? Do you want to pay a tribute to the popular hits from the 1980s? Then Entertainment Exchange is a perfect place for you to hire an 80s cover band for your event. Sporting crazy haircuts, neon -coloured costumes, and flashy jewellery, the cover band is sure to remind you of the 80s. They play popular hits from artists including Blondie, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Dead or Alive, The Clash, Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, The Cure, and many more.

90s Cover Bands

Miss the music from the 1990s? Want to groove to the popular hits from the 90s? Hire our 90s cover bands and make your evening magical. We have some of the best cover bands that sing popular hits from the 90s that’ll make you sing and dance along. They also take requests from the guests and leave no stone unturned in entertaining the guests. So if you have guests in your list who love music from the 90s, our 90s cover band is your perfect choice.