Our 70s cover band should be on the list for your next event. Relive the experimental hairstyles, disco ball-themed clubs, and glamorous combination of disco and rock with our cover bands. If this sounds interesting to you, then hire a 70s cover band from Entertainment Exchange.

These 70s cover bands perform classic songs from the 1970s by famous artists like James Brown, the Bee Gees, ABBA, and more. Our cover bands bring back life to hits from the 70s and play them with the respect they deserve. Their infectious energy on stage groovy music will make you sing along. They are perfect for retro parties, the 1970s themed parties, and events where old music is appreciated. They provide for an evening full of fun and entertainment. Such a show is bound to leave a memorable impression on your guests.

We have many 70s cover bands you can choose. Let us help you! We will help you choose the cover band based on the type of party, music tastes, and your budget. We will take care of the show for you, while you enjoy your party.