Plug it in, Turn it on, Press Play & Enjoy!

Combine a powerful and flexible music player with an enormous music library and what do you get? An Entertainment Exchange exclusive — America’s first fully integrated rentable music system for your special event! The Quebbie self-service Hi-Tech Jukebox gives you the comfort in knowing you can choose and control all the music you want played to make your special occasion memorable for you and your guests.

Quebbie connects easily to any commercial or home sound system the same as a CD player or tape deck. Please view our product demo to Learn More about our Hi-Tech Jukebox.

What is the Quebbie Hi-Tech Jukebox?
Quebbie is the only fully programmable music system available in the United States. Developed in The Netherlands in the mid 90’s and originally designed to give restaurants, hotels and commercial businesses an easy to use background music system, Quebbie is now available for party rentals as the only rentable, easy to use complete music source. Quebbie uses the latest technology and the best available hardware. Quebbie is powered by patented software with an extremely user-friendly interface, self-explanatory and easy to use functions.

Quebbie provides you with complete control
Choice and flexibility of the music played at your wedding, private party or special event. You are no longer limited to having to hire a professional DJ for your event. With over 12,000 music selections, Quebbie Hi-Tech Jukebox allows you to have all the music you could ever need for your special event. Plus you can instantly search for your favorite song or artist!

Quebbie is the perfect rental for…

  • Class Reunions
  • Office Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Neighborhood Parties
  • Small Holiday Parties

Quebbie Feature Highlights

  1. Contains over 12,000 songs
  2. Play list allows you to view upcoming music as well as add, move or even delete songs
  3. Fresh new music is continually added to Quebbie every month, offering you the latest hits for your event
  4. Digital — Crisp, clean CD quality sound. Not compressed like mp3’s or iPods.
  5. Learn to use Quebbie in just minutes
  6. Easily pre-program music lists before your event, play instant requests or combine both
  7. Touchscreen operated for easy use
  8. Fully searchable by song or artist
  9. Music selections automatically cross fade for continuous music play
  10. Standard RCA stereo connections to easily connect to any commercial or home system
  11. Excellent cost effective alternative to hiring a DJ for smaller events
  12. Save money on your entertainment and use the savings to help you afford other items that you need
  13. Delivery, operators and professional sound system rentals are also available to complete the package

Quebbie Hi-Tech Jukebox contains over 12,000 songs

  • Island Cocktail
  • Jass Festival
  • Kids Club
  • Latin Ballads
  • Latin Pop
  • Modern Country
  • Music Forever
  • Number One Hits
  • Popular
  • Rock
  • Rock Revolution
  • Soft Songs
  • Soul Searchin’
  • Summer Heat
  • Traditional Country
  • Urban Soul
  • Wedding Album
  • 50’s Forever
  • 60’s Sensations
  • 70’s Gold
  • 80’s Archive
  • 90’s & Beyond
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Blues Rock
  • Classic Rock
  • Club Dance
  • Country Roots
  • Disco Lives
  • Easy Listening
  • Euro Beat
  • Happy Hour
  • Hip Hop
  • Holiday Cheer
  • Hot Tracks

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