How to Pick Your First Dance Wedding Song

How to Choose your First Dance Wedding SongA first dance wedding song means different things to different people. So selecting the song to introduce you as a couple can be difficult.  Some couples try to reflect their love.  Others want to get the party started.  Some are content to let Old Blue Eyes introduce them to family and friends. No matter what song you choose, remember to cherish the moment.  Here is some help to select the right song for your first dance.

Uphold Tradition

Classic love songs are classic for a reason.  Many will see this selection as graceful and elegant. When you glide across the dance floor to Etta James, Sinatra or Stevie Wonder, your guests will reminisce of good days gone by and look forward to new memories being made.  An older crowd will feel more comfortable on the dance floor and appreciate your nod to tradition.

Start the Party

Crank up your wedding to eleven.  If you have a young  and/or energetic crowd, they will line up to join you.  Popular, up-tempo hits allow guests to sing and dance along. Remember, genre is less important than dance-ability, so explore your options.  A Daft Punk dance-off or Cypress Hill’s “Jump Around” will have your whole wedding bouncing.

Reflect Your Love

This day is yours so let your song reflect your love for each other.  It’s a proven winner when you pick a song that sums up your relationship.  This might be the song playing when you first met or on your first date.  Or it may simply capture the moment she said, “I do.”   Just be sure to select a song that tells the story of the two of you.

Get Your Quirk On

Some newlyweds like to raise a few eyebrows with their first song.  You may opt for a History of Rap Mash-Up or ham it up with a Monty Python parody.  Dare to be different and memorable.   In any case, select a song that makes a statement.  Who knows?  Your first dance may even go viral.


If you’re still having trouble coming up with a song for your first dance as a married couple, here is a huge list of song ideas from WeddingWire.

Your special day will be remembered for its many moments.  And over time, those moments may fade. But with a great first song, you will be able to replay this moment again and again as you build your life together.

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