Entertainment Exchange represents and books artists all around the US and we respect all local and federal laws in the operation of our business. We are committed to acting ethically in all aspects of our business and to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

We expect and require all of our business partners, including the artists we book, to have the same commitment to ethical behaviour and therefore ask you to confirm your agreement with our Code of Conduct.

As a performer who accepts bookings from our clients and us, you recognize your obligation and agree to the following:

  1. You will maintain the highest standards of professionalism when communicating and performing for clients. The manner in which we represent you affects your reputation and the manner in which you conduct yourself reflects directly on us.
  2. You will communicate clearly and thoroughly with clients well before their event to understand every nuance needed in order for you to deliver a better than expected performance.
  3. You will dress in a professional manner fitting for the events for which you are contracted.
  4. You will maintain a sound level that is acceptable to the client, the venue and the public.
  5. You will refrain from using offensive lyrics and you will perform the “radio play” version of the songs you perform.
  6. You will accept and agree to all Guidelines established by the venues in which you perform.
  7. You will act in a professional manner if concerns or requests are raised by hotel staffs or event producers who may require special consideration at events (eg. moving cases. cleaning up the stage, loading dock procedures and other on-site direction.
  8. You will operate your group in a safe and civilized manner; and not tolerate sexual harassment, discrimination or offensive behavior of any kind, which includes the public demeaning of individuals through words or actions, the display or distribution of offensive material, or the use or possession of weapons on client premises;
  9. Any breach in the code above that you witness should be reported immediately to our main office at 301-986-4640 or emailed to info@entertainmentexchange.com.
  10. All client issues reported to us will be negotiated (by our office) in the fairest way for the client and also for you as the artist.